Jack Shrader Memorial Award

The Jack Shrader Memorial Award is presented annually to an ACUC club employee who has expressed interest in furthering their education through academic course work, seminars, or other practicum activities. Any employee of an ACUC member club is eligible to be sponsored for this scholarship by submitting written nominations from the Club's manager and Board President, along with the employee's own statement of career goals, planned use for the scholarship, brief biography and official application form. 


How the Shrader Award Benefits Your Club

One of the greatest challenges to the club industry is not only attracting talented and dedicated staff members, but retaining them in the face of intense competition from other hospitality providers. The Jack Shrader Memorial Award provides an incentive for club employees to continue their education in the field of club hospitality, increasing their commitment to the club career track. Continuing education is highly valued as an employee benefit, but often one of the first areas cut from strained club budgets.

Applying for the Jack Shrader Memorial Award benefits both the employee and the club. The scholarship supplements the club's ability to assist a staff member with further education - which not only rewards the staff member, but also benefits the club through the employee's further enhanced skills and renewed dedication.

Who Was Jack Shrader?

Jack Shrader wass a man who was dedicated to professionalism in hospitality. He had a flair for creativity and enjoyed the potential for originality and fun in hospitality. He left the stamp of his unique personality on everything he did. He would be pleased to know that his legacy within the Association he loved and helped create was the opportunity for club employees to learn and grow in this field of serving others with care and style. Jack was the General Manager at the Faculty Center at the University of Texas in Austin for 16 years. He was instrumental in establishing the Association of College and University Clubs, serving as an officer and member of the Board of Directors for many years. He was a positive role model for all club employees, dedicated to the highest of standards in service, management, and staff relations. Jack hosted ACUC’s fifth conference in 1982 at The Faculty Center in Austin, and the professionalism of that early gathering reinforced ACUC in its mission to promote ongoing management education and resource sharing among clubs, as it developed the program of campus club reciprocity.

Past Award Recipients

2018     Not Awarded
2017     Luis Gonzalez - Faculty Club, University of Toronto 
             Kathleen O'Brien - Buffalo State College Campus House
2016     Not Awarded
2015     Jared Kotwis - Faculty Club, The Ohio State Univerity
     Ben Shimizu - The University of Washington Club
2014     Xander Castro - The Campus Club (MN)
             Omar Heslop - The Faculty Club
             Angela Langen - University Club at the University of Saskatchewan
             Alex Skaria - The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne
2013     Angela Langen - University Club at the University of Saskatchewan
             Kaitlyn Meng - The Ohio State University Faculty Club             
     Lauren Meng - The Ohio State University Faculty Club
2012     John Chimi - University Club of Missouri
2011     Laynie Fulks - The Ohio State University Faculty Club
2010     Tuan Vuong - University Club of Toronto
2009     Matthew Livingstone & Jill Brazier
2008     Mishae Liggons - The University Club, Michigan State University
2007     Not Awarded
2006     Alex Hopkins, CCM - The University Club of MU, University of Missouri
2005     Not Awarded
2004     Andrew Leighton - The Carolina Club, University of North Carolina
2003     Lisa Alvarado - University Club of Louisville, University of Louisville
2002     Marisu Jimenez - The Athenaeum, California Institute of Technology
2001     Brenda Okara - The Faculty Club at McCutchen House University of South Carolina
2000     Steven L. Mitchell - The Carolina Club, University of North Carolina
1999     Harold Ramos - Faculty Club, University of Toronto
1998     Hung Vuong - Faculty Club, University of Toronto
1997     Not Awarded
1996     Susan Schmidt - The Faculty Club, University of Saskatchewan
1995     Kristina Adams - The University Club of MU, University of Missouri
1994     Dale V. Harnish - University Club of Dalhousie University
1993     Marvin L. Bohn - University of Cincinnati Faculty Club
1992     Ben Dar - Faculty Club, University of Calgary
1991     Blanca Trevino - The Faculty Center, University of Texas at Austin