In 1978, a group of faculty club managers working in different cities across North America came to the conclusion that there was a need to create a “club” of their own – one that would allow them to network with other managers dealing with their unique operations involved in the campus-bases subset of the club industry – and so the Association of Faculty Clubs International (AFCI) was formed.

After 35 years of service and dedication to the club industry, our Association continues to grow, continually striving to further the successes of our membership. Through education, networking, technology, listening and rebranding itself, our Association has become the leader in providing reciprocity and information exchange for university based clubs, not only in North America, but also throughout the world. In an effort to clearly represent the diversity of the club members in our network, the group changed their name in July 2002 to the Association of College and University Clubs (ACUC).