Past Presidents

Since its inception, the leaders of the Association of College and University Clubs have created a culture of strong leadership and networking influencers. Our past leaders continue to be an important part of our rich history by staying active in our association development and growth.

2017-2018     Rob Lindren
2016-2017     Richard LaRocca
2015-2016     Richard LaRocca
2014-2015     Jeff White
2012-2014     Bill Hiser
2008-2012     Leanne Pepper
2006-2008     Thomas Mignano
2004-2006     William Rothballer, CCM
2002-2004     Jeffrey White
2000-2002     Linda Ruuska
1998-2000     Crystal Thomas, MCM
1996-1998     Colleen Rohrbough
1994-1996     Franklin Gencur
1992-1994     Albert Poirier
1990-1992     Crystal Thomas, MCM
1989-1990     Gina Friend
1985-1989     Colleen Rohrbough
1983-1985     Robert Caulfield
1980-1981     Mario Novati
1978-1980     Jim Kay